Flickr 3.2.1

Official Flickr app for Android devices


  • Quickly view recent Flickr activity
  • View your photos with ease
  • Includes a range of filters to apply
  • Well designed user interface


  • Camera app is quite unstable
  • No batch upload facility
  • No image editing tools

Very good

The official Flickr app for Android is designed to give you fast and easy access to the image-based social network from your mobile device.

You can use the Flickr app to view recent activity, add contacts, upload photos from your device or camera, and manage your photostream. The Flickr app also includes a search function for finding people or photos based on a keyword.

The user interface of Flickr for Android is well laid out and kept very simple. It's divided into three areas: 'Activity', 'Contacts', and 'You'. You can flick between these sections by clicking on the tabs or simply swiping the screen.

There's also a camera icon, which allows you to take a photo and upload it directly to Flickr, or to choose an image to upload from your device's gallery. There are a variety of effects you can apply to your images with the Flickr app. However, these are limited and there are no editing tools included.

Viewing your photos in the Flickr app is also very straightforward. You can swipe between photos to browse them, and click on a photo to open it full screen. In full-screen mode you'll find a slideshow tool, which automatically displays your photostream in sequence. Unfortunately, the swiping and slideshow tools don't work when browsing other people's photos that you've searched for.

Although this official Flickr app is very usable, it isn't perfect. Users might experience some glitches with the built-in camera app, which may lead to having to force close the app. The application lacks functionality for uploading more than one image at a time, too, which gets a bit annoying.

Despite its limitations, the Flickr app still makes for an easier way to upload and browse photos than Flickr's mobile site.

New login Bug fixes


  • New login Bug fixes


Flickr 3.2.1

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